Craig Howell's '68 Mini
San Carlos, California
The car is a 1968 Mk II model with a newer  Mk IV body.  It was restored in Belgium, repainted, and the original  engine was replaced with a 1275cc high compression unit from an MG Metro. The interior has been uprated to later Mini bits.  Everything works, and the car runs and drives beautifully. The go-cart like handling is amazing. The car has about 20,000 miles on it since the rebuild.

My car is featured in the
2004 "Classic British Mini's"
calendar by Ron Kimball.
You can buy the 2004
version of this great 
calendar by clicking here.

Photo copyright by Ron Kimball.
The 68 Mini was the February 
car in the 2003 edition 
of the Ron Kimball Mini
calendar as well. 

Photo copyright by Ron Kimball.
Click for photos taken on 
November 15, 2002 around 
Foster City, California.
Click for photos taken on 
January 11, 2003 in the hills
around Oakland, California.
Click for a page of video 
 files featuring a few short
180 degree handbrake turns.

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